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Chinese Embassy Launches Training Course on Stitching and Sewing Skills in Freetown

On 29th of October, the launching ceremony of Training Course on Stitching and Sewing Skills was held at YWCA Hall in Freetown. The 90 days training course is sponsored by the Chinese government and supported by the Ministry of Labour and Social Security of the Sierra Leonean government, and it aims to improve the stitching and sewing skills of 45 participants who are from different areas of Sierra Leone.

The ceremony was graced by Mr. Zhang Xueqian, Economic and Commercial Counsellor of the Chinese Embassy, Mr. King Adekunle Joliff Milton, Minister of Labour and Social Security and Mr.Philip Y. Maheyn, Assistant Director of Ministry of Youth Affairs. 45 Sierra Leoneans, and 6 Chinese experts and other government officials from the Ministry of Labour participated in the event.

In his statement, Counsellor Zhang Xueqian stated that human capital development is an integral part of comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership between China and Sierra Leone, also, as a driver for economic and social progress, it is one of the priorities in H.E. President Julius Maada Bio’ New Direction Manifesto.China has always been dedicated to helping nurture talents in various fields for Sierra Leone, strengthening human resources development and cooperation, and contributing to the human capital development of Sierra Leone.

While addressing the 45 beneficiaries and 6 Chinese experts of the training course, Counsellor Zhang pointed out that it is the first time for the Chinese government to hold a training course on stitching and sewing skills in Sierra Leone, and he believes that the course will make positive contribution to the development of handicraft industry in Sierra Leone. He hopes that all the participants would value this training opportunity, follow the rules of training course and experts’ instructions and actively participate in learning and practicing activities, and he also hopes that Chinese experts can take this opportunity to experience the wonderful local culture, as this course is not only a platform where people learn from each other, but also where China and Sierra Leone deepen cultural exchange, forge closer people to people ties, and strengthen the friendly cooperations.

Minister King Adekunle Joliff Milton, on behalf of Sierra Leonean government, expressed his sincere appreciation to the Chinese government for providing this training opportunity. He reminded the gathering of how Sierra Leone used to be called the ‘Athens of West Africa’, and he further strongly stated that His Excellency the President Julius Maada Bio has promised to revive the nation back to it former glory and China is greatly contributing in that direction. He later emphasized the importance of the course by citing a famous Chinese saying which goes ‘it is always better to teach a person who is hungry to fish than to give him fish’. He reiterated that the cooperation between his ministry and the Chinese side had been very well and he looked forward to seeing both sides take it to the next level.

In recent years, human resources development has been one of the highlights in the cooperation between China and Sierra Leone. This year marks the first year that Chinese government holds a training course on stitching and sewing skills in Sierra Leone, and it aims to contribute greatly in the fight against unemployment rate of youths in the country.

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