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Chinese Ambassador WU Peng Meets with the President of Sierra Leone National Paralympic Committee

On December 7, 2018, Chinese Ambassador Wu Peng met with Mr. Unisa Deen Kargbo, the President of Sierra Leone National Paralympic Committee and Mr. Alexander Thullah, the Executive Secretary of the Committee. The two sides exchanged views on strengthening cooperation in sports between China and Sierra Leone.

Ambassador Wu welcomed Mr. Kargbo and his colleague to the embassy and thanked the National Paralympic Committee for its long-standing support for China. Ambassador Wu said that the National Paralympic Committee has made tremendous contributions over the years in promoting the development of sport in Sierra Leone and improving the well-beings of persons with disabilities. The Embassy is willing to maintain friendly cooperation with the Sierra Leone National Paralympic Committee, increase the exchange and interaction, and support the sports events for the disabled.

On his side, Mr. Kargbo expressed that it is the wish of the Sierra Leonean people to strengthen sports exchanges and cooperation with China. He thanked the Chinese Embassy for its long-term support for the committee. He said that people with disabilities have long been marginalized in society, and it is sport that has provided them with a stage to display their talents so that they can regain their confidence in life. The Sierra Leone National Paralympic Committee is willing to continue to carry out various forms of sports exchange activities with China, enhance the friendship between the two peoples, and consolidate the foundation of friendly cooperation between the two countries.

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